Escape The Rat Race

Hear from real people below who have managed to escape the rat race and achieve freedom, a great income and a better lifestyle.

“We're building the life we always wanted.”

Julises and Karla success “We shared a dream of running a successful business. We were always struggling financially. When I met Karla, she was working many jobs to get by. Even while she was studying journalism, she had to work full time. I had earned an architecture degree, but my first job as an architect paid only $1 an hour. So I worked hard and built my practice into a successful but demanding business. I realised that although I had success, I had no time for myself or my then-fiancée, Karla. We had little time for anything but work. Then I found this business. Karla started our business part time and made good money. Soon I joined the business, too. We have just had our first child, and are now securing our future. We're passionate about this business. We're building our dream home and now our future looks wonderful.”

Julises and Karla M.

“Now I have the freedom to do what I love!”

Leticia success“Working for 10 years at a packing factory was taking a toll on my health. I also hated working for someone else. Although I'd always wanted my own business, I had a responsibility to my daughter. So I kept my steady job and started this business very part-time. Three months later I was running my business full time.
Now I have an incredible life. I am expecting child number two and I have the freedom to spend time with my five-year-old daughter and new baby. Plus, thanks to this business, I can help support my mother. What a great feeling!”


“This business changed our lives.”

Richard and Nancy success“I worked as a secretary for a large corporation for more than 20 years. My husband, Richard, worked long hours in a factory. Despite those efforts, we found ourselves getting further and further into debt. Richard had tried several times to start small businesses, but each attempt ended in disappointment and he'd end up back at his old job. It looked like we were going to be stuck in the rat race for life. Then I came across this business and decided to give it a go part-time around my full time job. I earned a good income the very first month. Now we both work from home full time and earn a comfortable living. We recently went on a trip to Hawaii and we often go on cruises.
We're also so glad that we're able to send our two girls to private school, an opportunity neither of us had ourselves.”

Richard and Nancy

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“In the corporate world, someone else always controls your time.”

Richard and Nancy success“For 10 years, I had a corporate job in the healthcare industry, working 12 – 14 hour days and spending another four hours a day commuting. Desperate for a way out, I found a website about starting a home business. I stared at that website for about a month, but I couldn't bring myself to make the next step. Fortunately, I finally decided to look at the business. That decision changed my life. Within the first month, I was making more money than I ever expected and I was able to quit my job after the first year.
Now living a lifestyle beyond my wildest dreams, my commuting days are far behind me. If my wife and I want to do something, we do it. Recently, we picked up and went to Fiji for a holiday, and I ran my business from the beach. I no longer have to ask anyone's permission, and that is a great feeling.”

Dave T.

“I was working two part-time jobs instead of being with my two kids.”

Richard and Nancy success“I was working as both a sales associate at a local mall and a real estate agent. After looking at this opportunity I realized I could earn long-term income through a homebased business. So I got started and within one year I hung up my real estate license and quit my job at the mall. My dreams had come true.
With more freedom in my schedule, I was able to bring my kids home to be home-schooled. My husband Bruce has been able to sell his business and work from home as well. We have the flexibility to pack up and go wherever we like. We just got back from a six-week trip from the Bahamas to Los Angeles! We're looking forward to a wonderful future.”

Cheryl T.

“New Mercedes? Check. Big House? Check.”

Richard and Nancy success“I migrated from Peru after receiving a computer science degree. I wanted to get into business for myself. After researching several opportunities, there was no question - this was the business for me. All it took to grow my business was sticking to the plan consistently. I love being able to make a difference to people’s lives every day.
I’m now achieving every financial goal I set. I’m even living my ultimate dream - to help my parents - by moving them into a new house! This business has allowed me to achieve my goals and make a real difference to my family and to people’s lives.”

Rudy L.