Residual Income

Residual income is the dream income. 

WiseGeek, a website that promises to provide clear answers for common questions, suggests:

“…residual income is any income generated through indirect involvement with something. This is also called passive income. Rental income, royalties, website revenues and portfolio dividends are all means of generating this kind of income.“

Authors, song writers, patent licensors, landlords, investors and many types of business owners all earn residual income.

The one thing they ALL have in common is the fact they worked once to write the book, buy the right property or build the business… and now they earn a nice, steady income independent of any further time and effort.

But let’s face it.

There is probably less than a one-in-a-million chance for most people to write the next best-selling novel, hit song or invent the next technological blockbuster.

For other forms of residual income like property rental- repair costs, insurance, taxes, legal expenses and management costs can take a big chunk out of any income that might come in.  Also, an empty property between tenants, poor management, or a natural disaster could cause serious setbacks. 

Our FreedomBizNow opportunity, on the other hand,  is not based on chance.

Our system provides the business, the tools and the training for anyone who is serious and teachable to achieve passive income and the fantastic lifestyle that comes with that.

This is a turnkey business, which gives you the ability to take full advantage of the Internet. With FreedomBizNow you get fully developed websites, on-line lead generation, marketing, step-by-step support and training, online support materials, guidelines and much more. 

We provide you with your own personal websites, which come complete with automated follow up emails, a contact manager and e-commerce/instant customer payment capability. 

With FreedomBizNow you can start earning money from home or from anywhere you choose – all you need is an internet connection. 

The freedom this business will give you is fantastic. 

Extra time with your friends and family and the opportunity to work and play when you want. 

You will be your own boss, you will call the shots. 

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