Franchise Opportunity

Starting your own business is a dream for many but the truth is - that it can soon become a nightmare. When you start your own business you are taking on a huge amount of risk in virtually every aspect of your business. Just because it is a shop or café in a busy area or mall doesn’t mean it will succeed. Even if you are experienced, there is no guarantee you will be successful - and it will take tens of thousands of dollars, long working hours and many years to get it going. Sadly 80% of new independent businesses are out of business within two years. Due to these risks - many people turn to franchise opportunities as a way to reduce the risks.

But even a franchise has its pitfalls.

Our successful FreedomBizNow business avoids all the pitfalls of a franchise and also avoids all the risks that go with starting your own business.

1) A Successful Formula - This business – like a franchise, gives you an established concept that has proven to be successful. 

2) Low start up cost - This is a very low cost business to start – you can start for under $400. Unlike a franchise opportunity which requires thousands of dollars – typically $250,000 investment to reach $10,000 per month income. Buying a little-known, inexpensive franchise opportunity can be a real gamble. Just because a business is offering franchises is no guarantee that the franchise you buy will be successful. In some cases, franchising is the business - all the franchisor is interested in is selling more franchises. Whether or not the individual franchises are successful is irrelevant to them. 

3) Low Ongoing Costs – This business has very low ongoing costs. Which is the opposite of a franchise opportunity which requires you to pay the franchisor every month: royalties, advertising fees and a percentage of your business monthly revenue. A traditional business requires you to pay thousands of dollars per month for rent, staff, insurance, gas, electricity, etc. With this business the supplier company pays you – and there are no fees or royalties to pay - you only pay for your own advertising – and you decide on the budget for that. 

4) Time Freedom – unlike a franchise or traditional business – with this business you have the freedom to work your own hours. If you can consistently put in 2 hours a day – you can grow a great income with this business. 

5) Portability – unlike a franchise or traditional business where you are tied to a store or location – with this business you can live and work from anywhere! On the beach, in the country, on an island, or anywhere you choose. All you need is access to the internet and a computer or smart phone – and you can run your business.

6) Help with Start Up and Beyond – Unlike a traditional business and most franchise opportunities - you get a lot of support starting and running this business. This business is a turnkey business. When you start this business, you get all the websites, online tools, instruction and training needed to start the business. You also get ongoing training and support. Your business will also have access to group national marketing campaigns for much less than it would cost if you were running a business on your own. 

7) Buying Power - Your business will benefit from the collective buying power of the supplier company. Inventory will cost much less than if you were running a business on your own. 

8) Star Power – The supplier company of this business has international brand-name recognition. So you are joining a business with built-in customers. 

9) Profits – Unlike a franchise or traditional business your profits are unlimited. Your retail profits are 25% - 50% and you can also earn unlimited royalties and bonuses. Incomes in this business range from $200 a month right up to $250,000 a month.

Yes, we have something better than a franchise opportunity. Whether you want to quit your job or supplement your income, with FreedomBizNow you get the proven system for success, the support and the guidance you need to start your own successful business.

We have helped many people change their lives for the better and avoid the pitfalls of franchise opportunities.

So instead of continuing to look for franchises for sale - have a look at our Information Link to find out how to become a business owner without all the risks and costs.

With FreedomBizNow you can start a successful business and begin achieving your lifestyle goals today.

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